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As I read the blogs I can tell that even as college students we are terrified to have face to face conversation. It is so sad that this generation is scared when these types of conversations just make the world closer. I did notice that when I was tweeting pictures of the families I met that they actually found the picture and re-tweeted it.! I thought it was so cool for them to go on social network and find it. Screenshot_2015-09-28-18-30-05

3 thoughts on ““Social” media”

  1. I agree! These types of conversations only bring people closer and enhance our understandings of one another. I will also admit that I was one of those people who were somewhat scared to have these conversations with strangers. Once I had gotten past the initial interview, I realized that I had no good reason to be so scared and that by conducting these conversations I was creating positive connections!

  2. Personally, my apprehension to approach crowd members was more about being respectful than a general fear of face to face interactions. I tended to avoid those that were clearly engaged in enthusiastic conversations, as I felt it would be rude to interrupt them. As a result, I generally selected individuals that were not clearly part of a group, or group members that were not talking to each other when I approached. Perhaps other groups had different experiences with this issue, but for myself, as a representative of VCU, I was constantly concerned with how polite and professional I came across.
    Also, thats very cool that people were able to find their pictures on twitter. I’m curious if you told them to search for #VCUAnthCrowd, or if they found it completely of their own accord.

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