Take two

Something I wished I would have done differently is maybe be more confident in asked questions, since everyone was so nice! I also think asking children would have been interesting, although I knew I could have I stayed away from doing so. My roommate speaks Spanish so I wish I would have had her out there with me just in case I ran into the language barrier problem again. Talking to some of the bikers would have been interesting to get their view, but I know if I was them my mind would have been a little too busy to answer these questions.

2 thoughts on “Take two”

  1. I had one instance of speaking with a child and it was a little difficult. We actually meant to interview the mother but she insisted that we directed our questions to her child instead. This was probably the longest interview we conducted, because it took a long time for the child to answer any of our questions. Of course, I doubt this is representative of how all children would react, but my experience was enough reason to avoid interviewing children from then on.

  2. I know what you mean, because I am very shy and I wasn’t really assertive enough when trying to ask people to be interviewed. A lot of times they said no when I was by myself. It took my group member helping me to find enough people to actually let me interview them.

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