To know the true person

To truly say you know someone is to say you’ve spent minutes,hours, days, weeks, and even years with someone. ¬†Given the time we had to interview people was only minutes, but you can learn a lot from these few moments. You get a sense of their true home. You get a sense of what they are proud of. ¬†Coming from a small town moving to a city you’re scared of the idea of sirens and homeless people. I can only imagine what these people thought when they saw or looked up Richmond, but much like the phrase I life by “When you assume you are almost always wrong”, I was wrong about the people coming from different countries. I assumed they wouldn’t want to talk to a student much less want to be interviewed. Bringing a holistic approach you learn and appreciate people for who they truly are and how they came to be. Much like the city you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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