• See Why write a summary?
  • See How to write a summary
  • Upload your summary as a PDF file, using the Submit Documents button at the top of the screen. The title of the post should be the title of the article whose experiment you’re summarizing. To make a PDF file in recent versions of Word, Save As PDF.
  • (If you can’t save your summary as a PDF file, your life will be more difficult. Upload the summary as a DOC or DOCX file. If your figures are mangled (likely), then upload the figures separately in a graphic format, e.g. JPG or PNG.)
  • See How to critique the work of others
  • Identify a summary to critique from amongst those posted,  using the Browse Submissions button at the top of the screen and choosing one that does not yet have a comment (but don’t choose the sample summary!). Note that the number of comments follows the title of the article and the summarizer’s name.
  • Claim the summary by posting a comment in the Leave a Reply, Comment box. The comment might say that you’ll return a critique as soon as you can.
  • Post a critique of the summary in the Leave a Reply, Comment box. Refer to paragraph number and lines for specific comments, e.g.:
    Par.1,Line 3: “transcription” should be “translation”.
  • Feel free to post a critique on any other summary as well, regardless of the number of comments.
  • The fact that you initially don’t know what your colleague is talking about is a great advantage! Give the summary writer the benefit of your ignorance — What was helpful? What was not?