My strengths are in executing. The Gallop survey indicated my Clifton Strengths as restorative, achiever, deliberative, relator, and analytical. The first three traits contribute to my ability to execute. My areas for improvement include influencing, relationship building and strategic thinking. I have one strength attribute in relationship building and strategic thinking.

When building a team, I surround myself with people whose strengths are different than my own. My team members will need to be strong influencers. This is my largest area of opportunity for improvement. Strong influencers have the ability to gain buy in from senior leadership. They also can teach me how to become a better influencer. I also need team members stronger in building relationships and strategic thinking.

Good teams monopolize on the strengths of each team member. Diverse skill sets of team members allows each team members perspective to be heard. Utilizing each team members unique skill set contributes to the success of projects.