Related Fallacies

Two similar Fallacies are the Gamblers Fallacy and the Post-Destination Fallacy. Both of which give meaning to randomness.

The Gamblers Fallacy states that if one thing happens more frequently during an period of time, then is will not happen nearly as much in the future. Also the opposite it true for this fallacy as well.


The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy comes from a story of a cowboy from texas who took his gun and took random shots at the side of his barn. Once he was done he found the biggest cluster of holes and painted a target around them as to make it look like he actually made those shots on the target.


Example of Texas Sharpshooter

This Example states that because this man is an orphan, therefor he must not be the one who murdered his mother. One must see though that questions need to be asked, how did he become an orphan in the first place? The lawyer is only telling the jury one side and leaving out the big picture.

Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy- Definition

This Fallacy is one that ignores differences and just focuses on similarities in observations, thus coming to an inaccurate conclusion. This Fallacy is one that tries to give meaning to randomness. This fallacy is related to the Clustering Illusion, it preys on the human tendency to interpret patterns where none actually exist.

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