How to read a research article

Links to research articles are provided for each topic.  They are here to help guide our discussions, as well be a resource for future reference.  You might find an article or two comes in handy when educating your school team about pros/cons and EBP status of an intervention.

In the comment section for each topic, please note the title of the research study you read from the blog post (if any) and share your “take-away” of the research.  If you found a NEW research article you want to share please share the link to the article with the rest of us.

If you are so inclined, please note the title of the study (and number below) and share your “take-away” of the research.  Remember to consider the following: Level of Evidence; Study Design; Intervention/Control; Outcome Measures; Findings; Bias; Implications

Level of Evidence:  “Top of the pyramid” types of research and support from professional organizations best support a practice as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Study Design:  Is the study a meta-analysis review of past research in the literature? A controlled experimental or quasi-experimental study? A small group / single subject case study? or an anecdotal report?

Intervention/Control:  What is the intervention? Is there a control or comparison group that did not receive the intervention?

Outcome Measures:  How were findings measured?

Findings: Did the study prove their point? What were the findings?

Bias: Was there any bias inherent in the study?

Implications: What does this study mean for practice?  Are there gaps for future study?

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