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Math 362 interview


During my math interview, I got to learn a little bit more about how children think about math. I got the opportunity to watch children think and the steps they take to solve problem. The game that we played was called “Counters in a Cup”. In this game, you solve how many counters are under a cup based on the original number and the amount of counters still visible. I talked to the children in my group about subtracting and adding counters. We put some counters on the table and counted them out when the children could solve the problem together and talk about it, they came up the correct response faster.

I got to see how different children think about ways to solve the problem. One of the children were very god at putting the number of fingers up and counting down to get the response very quickly. The child could also do some of them in his head as we went on in the game and he got the hang of it. Another student had a hard time getting the correct number of counters to fingers. I feel that working with this child gave me a little more understanding as a teacher ad how to help a child who I struggling in a topic. When working with children that hare having a hard time with a subject it is important as a teacher to stick with the child and assure them that we will figure it out together and to be patient with children.