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The directions below will instruct you how to make a pumpkin on sketchpad. Sketchpad is good to know how to use in and elementary class because it can help you teach children about angles and lines.


Make a pumpkin!

Create a circle using the construct circle tool

Next make a triangle on the top left corner of the circle.

Make a line from the center of the circle to the top of the circle.

Next mark that line as a mirror.

After take the pointer tool and click on all sides and corners of the triangle.

Reflect the triangle across the mirror line under the transform box go to translate.

Now you should have two triangles for eyes.

Now make a line going from the bottom of the circle to the middle.

Mark as mirror.

Use the construct polygon to to make half of a mouth. Using at least 6 different line segments.

Now using the pointer tool click all sides and corners of the shape you made. Reflect the image.

Now you should have what looks like a mouth!

Now hide the line segments you marked as mirrors. And hide the center line segments that meet in the middle of the mouth.

Now us the construct circle tool to make a nose in the center of the circle.

After on the top left outside of the circle make a stem for your pumpkin!

After just hide the line segments you used for your mirrors.

Part II

  1. a) The program has made it easier to make shapes and see exactly what the angles are to the shapes. And measuring the side to see how they move has made it much more clear. Also it makes translations reflections and rotations easier to understand.
  2. b) The uses could be showing kids how to make shapes and how to measure sides. I could show the kids on the projector how to use it. Giving it to kids it may be difficult to do.
  3. c) I like how it runs but I think it could have better directions on how to do something’s. When we would do the homework if it didn’t have the side bars I don’t think I could have figured it all out as easy.screenshot-1