Wondering what “highty tighty” means

As predicted from last week’s blog post, I was drowning in work. Writing the first analysis paper in our class turned out to be fun and satisfying. I was apprehensive about it in the beginning because I thought it would be difficult to fill five pages with comparisons between a short scene and its novel counterpart. That was not the case! Hours flew by as I watched the scene over and over; I scanned it for details I may have glossed over and read the dialogue in the book to look for contrasts. I decided to go with the scene in the 1949 adaptation where Meg has to make the decision to accept John Brooke or to deny him. This was one of my favorite scenes to read in the novel, but it didn’t really have the same effect on me in the movie.

Papers seem intimidating, but I find that most of them can be fun if you write about what interests you. I have an eight to ten page paper due at the end of one my other classes, but the subject material (what I assumed about language before taking Linguistics and what I now know) is something I’m passionate about. After putting several papers under my belt, I feel more confident with them going forward. If only I could gain that optimism for timed tests, but that’s another blog post.

This semester has felt like a video game, where it starts out kind of easy and then by the end you are surrounded by enemies with the final boss approaching. I was on top of my readings, but I have fallen a bit behind in one of my classes. Hopefully I can spend some time catching up tonight and tomorrow. It always feels relieving to get a paper done, and I don’t think this week will be as stressful as the last (besides a big test). I’m pumped to start watching the next adaptation of Little Women!

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I agree writing a paper that interests definitely changes your level of motivation and I found myself not as motivated when writing this paper because I’ll have to admit I am not a big fan of “Little Women” as much as some other people are.

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