Progress Report/Reflection

So far, I have been very interested in this class.  The articles that we are given to read and reflect on have been intriguing and give us a lot of to write about in our nuggets, as opposed to boring articles that are hard to write reflections on.  I also enjoy the freedom of writing blogs without worrying about the professor breathing down our necks about what exactly to write and how to write it.

The only problem I have with this course is getting the daily homework done on time, which is obviously a personal problem, but it’s definitely a problem that I am working on.  Overall, I think this is a fun class with a great professor and I am excited to get back on track and enjoy the rest of the semester.


One thought on “Progress Report/Reflection”

  1. Agreed on having a great professor! He sure is a jolly fellow, I suspected that he would be a great and helpful professor from the email replies and is super fast with the replies as well so I give him big props for that, none my previous professors have ever replied that fast or were that helpful, but overall it is an interesting fun class.

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