Mapping My Dreamers

My Three Dreamers:

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework – Doug C. Engelbart

Computer Lib/ Dream Machines – Ted Nelson

Man-computer Symbiosis – J.C.R. Licklider

Five Bases:

Advancement of technology – All three of these articles talk about how technology has advanced overtime and continues to advance as society finds new problems to solve, not only talking about computers, but also the tools that we use everyday, including our minds.

Use of computers – The gist of these articles are especially similar with this concept in that they believe computers and and the use of media and the worldwide web will help us prosper and grow at an exponential rate.

Evolution of thinking – Engelbart specifically touches on this subject in the beginning of his article, as he mentions that man continuously finds new problems and solutions to them everyday which has caused us to adapt and evolve overtime, making us smarter and smarter.  The other two author also touch on this by saying that using computers and taking advantage of our media resources will help us tremendously with these problems.

Future of humans – I think that each author can agree with each other on the fact that the future will hold big things for us.  They each predict in their own way  that computers will be the centerfold of all of it.

Overall Similarities – The main points that I have taken from each of these dreamers is that working together towards a common goal as opposed to separately and selfishly will help better our society and make the world a better place, and computers will be the focal point  of this for the growth of our knowledge and learning.  We have come a long way from using simple tools for survival, and the possibilities for our future are endless considering the advancement of tools today.  One of our biggest accomplishments in my opinion is the creation of the computer, because I think it is like an artificial brain, which continues to grow in knowledge everyday, just as the human brain does.






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