Finalizing My Dream

The past week has taught me a lot more about the dreamers that I selected and the point that they were trying to get across in their respective articles.  The activity that we did in class where we briefly reviewed and compared the dreamers helped me get into their mindset and look at things from different perspectives.   My peers also helped me view things in a different perspective, making the goal of my blog, Mapping My Dreamers, a lot easier to write.  The three dreamers that I chose were Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, and J.C.R. Licklider.  I chose these three because I personally felt like even though they discuss their dreams of the future at different periods in time, they all fairly had the same ideas, even going on to say that they may have been influenced by each others ideas when writing their own.  Research for my final project will revolve around the similarities between computers and the human brain, more so looking into how people connect with each other using the internet and gain more and more knowledge through various networks on the web, kind of like how our brains work making neurological connections through the various networks in our bodies that make us who we are.  I believe that the dreamers I chose could further help me in my research with their recurring ideas of us using computers to help us evolve as humans into something greater.

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