Nuggeting Sources

My nugget comes from a book that was recommended to me by Dr. C called,  “World Wide Mind:  The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines, and the Internet” by Michael Chorost.  This book is a perfect fit for my research project, for it discusses the synthesis of man and computer, and also digs into why people are so addicted to their electronic devices.

This brief exert from the beginning of the book immediately caught my eye, which states, “This intense connectivity reveals a longing for fast, dense communication-one that current bodies and devices can only partly fulfill.”  What Chorost was talking about was how people are constantly texting on their phones no matter what they are doing, and how it can even be a danger to their lives, yet they still proceed to do it.  I believe this is because people strive to connect to each other in anyway possible, and using technology such as a phone, or a computer is the fastest and most reliable way possible other than face to face, physical communication.

This simple sentence has already opened up many ideas for my project so I am excited to continue reading the book and I am sure I will be able to capture many nuggets from this source in the future.

2 thoughts on “Nuggeting Sources”

  1. I really liked the nugget you chose. It’s so true, we definitely look at our phones and continue to text even though we know we might get in an accident or run into something/someone.

  2. This nugget brought up some interesting thoughts I had in mind that you could also find interesting, since it does relate to your book that you mentioned. I recently tried the new social media app called “Yikyak”, and boy was it interesting. The whole concept was anonymous interaction with the people in your location or school that has the same app. You express your thought and anonymous people comment or vote up or down on your thoughts and it gets interesting because you are expecting a reply which leads to the anticipation phase. From there the addiction takes over, where the individual is constantly thinking who would say what, and will it get any vote on my thoughts. People anticipate and give as much attention to this app because it makes them feel like they are a part of something and their thoughts matter. See if you can work more with this app maybe, good luck!

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