Nugget of Man-Computer symbiosis

The part of this reading that resonates with my is the idea that you could write or draw on a desk like display and the computer would take that and convert it to the display, displaying what you write or draw, this resonates strongly with me because when I was younger and had just gotten a smart phone, the idea that I could trace my finger on the screen to write words instead of having to click the third key on my flip phone say 3 times, I could just trace f, and there it was.

3 thoughts on “Nugget of Man-Computer symbiosis”

  1. Which could be expanded to talk about how much phones have changed in the last 7 years with smart phones. Imagine that in 10 years what our phones will be capable of? Pretty amazing to think about.

  2. I think you could definitely go deeper into this! You could talk about how this new technology has spread across the world. Now almost everywhere you can find a piece of technology that uses touch screen features. I don’t think Licklider could have predicted that.

  3. Your experience reminds me of when the introduced smart boards in middle school. Thankfully, we managed to slip into the time where it’s been more easy to learn with all of this technology.

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