Progress Report/Reflection #2

During week two, I have began to think about what i wanted to do my inquiry project on. I decided to research self-image through the lens of new media. The media has a lot of effects on how people’s self-image has evolved. I am looking forward to this project because this is such an interesting topic to me, seeing how i once struggled with my self-image. I do not really know if i let the media influence my self-image now, but i am aware that there are some teenagers in this world that let the media, whether its magazines, tv shows, models, or movies, effect how they look.

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This week we also read an article by Licklider about “man-computer symbiosis”. It talked about the relation we had between ourselves and the technology. I was able to connect it back to the Bush reading because the Licklider article provided more evidence to what Bush was saying. We, as people and researchers, depend on the computer more than our brains because it is a faster resource for knowledge and it is a beneficial helping tool when conducting research.  I am enjoying these readings because it is opening my eyes up to the fact that research, now, can not be done without the use of technology. I always knew that we depended on technology for a variety of things, but we use it more than we realize.

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting. These days, I guess it does seem like research can’t be done without technology. Of course, you could always go to the library and search the print journals, although you would need the computer to tell you where to look. Indeed, the book itself is often considered a form of technology. Before there existed the ability to print on paper, there was only an oral culture. To research during the many thoursands of years of oral culture, you had to go speak with different people–and remember what they had to say.

    Can you please be more specific about your inquiry project idea? I’m looking for a LOT more detail. The lens of “new media” is too general. What specifically do you want to find out about self-image and in what form of media will you study it?

    1. I was thinking of focusing my project specifically on either the “thigh gap” like you suggested or the “thin ideal”. If i focused on the “thin ideal” then i can use shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and model magazines like “Vogue” or “Seventeen” to help support my idea. Would that be a good start or do i need to be more specific?

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