Reflective Writing #5

Part 1: The first thing i did  after reading this article, was think about the most important keywords and names from the article, what would make this article more resourceful, how could I make this more “media involved” , should I include links to the author and to the names mentioned, and could I illustrate the topic of the paper. I decide to include a picture of the Facebook page with the words “psychological experiment” written across it, because that is what this article was about. I didn’t really take in consideration of where I should put the picture because I didn’t think it would make much of a difference.  I decided to add links to specific keywords, such as : the title of the paper and the website that the paper was published on, Facebook policy,  Adam Kramer, and interview. These words stuck out the most to me because I felt like they could be explored deeper. I also felt like it would give readers a break from just reading the article and explore some of the things mentioned throughout the article. I felt it was most important to mention and provide a link to Adam Kramer and his interview because I felt like it would provide more background for the article. I also thought it would be helpful to include a video of Kramer and his idea behind the experiment.


Part 2: For my Inquiry Project, I thought it would be creative to include short video clips from the show “America’s Next Top Model”; specifically when they are judging the models, doing makeovers, and when choosing the models. Also I would like to include a song about self-image (since music is apart of the media) called Pretty Hurts. I will include a variety of pictures from the models on the show and include empowering quotes from the show that was said by Tyra Bankers, herself. As for the location of my Project, I haven’t thought much about it because this is my first time EVER posting personal writing and projects online. I will try to make my project look like something more than just 3500 words. I truly believe that I will enjoy creating this project because I love the idea of including a variety of things into our “paper” and I love my topic.

Here are an idea of what my project will possibly build off of : Link 1

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