Synthesis Matrix

How can America Next Top Models use Facebook and Instagram (social media) to help teens have a positive self-image?

“America’s Next Top Model” should use personal pictures of the contestants of all shapes and sizes instead of professional pictures on their Facebook and Instagram page because:

Synthesis Matrix 2

After finishing my Synthesis Matrix I have come across a gap within my evidence. To elaborate, I have sources that mostly support my first two claims and somewhat of my third claim. I have sources that support each claim for my topic, but most sources strongly support my second claim. I knew that i wasnt going to find alot of support for my third claim, but i have enough to make an argument and to support the idea. Only one of my articles lack evidence for my first two claims and only focuses on the third claim, but becuase it is a scholarly source, i find this okay. I realize i have to do some more research for my third claim in order to have a strong stance/ support system for my paper.  I need to find more evidence that will support my third claim,  find a better way to re-word my claim, or just think of a new claim all together.  I realized that the more scholarly articles I add to my research, the most evidence and support I will have for my claims. With this being said, I believe that I will continue to search for more scholarly articles because there is a lot more evidence than in a peer-reviewed article. But after completing this assignment, I see that i have a strong topic and will be on a good start with my first two claims.

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