Nugget “As We May Think”

This article was, overall, such a phenomenal read. He got down to the nitty gritty details of it all, and that was the most interesting thing to me. I loved reading about how he sees the dry photography as something that, then, he could only image, but what we now know is so readily available. Now, we are able to use a camera called a “go-pro” which he basically describes in this article. I was very blown away by how he could quickly think of and understand what, in the future, will be known to be true.

6 thoughts on “Nugget “As We May Think”

  1. Its pretty crazy how easy it is to take a picture of something these days. Almost everyone owns an iphone that can snap a picture at any moment and send it to someone across the world in seconds. A Go Pro camera is the perfect example of how photography technology has increased since then

  2. I also enjoyed this article very much. I think its so intriguing how once, it was so amazing about all the different things happening with dried photography, and now it’s so common and “easy” to do.

  3. Yea I agree also. Im glad we were assigned this article cause it actually was so interesting. The fact that he goes into such detail about all these ideas is just crazy its almost like he was psychic also.

  4. Great minds create great things, imagine if they had the supplies and resources like the internet back then, and they didn’t take it for granted like we do. Imagine how advanced human kind would be.

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