Associative Trails

Screenshot 2015-08-27 19.47.52Here is the screenshot of my history while searching for an image. I originally wanted to look up the history of the gopro, to see how close he was by writing this article. I obviously ended up getting a little distracted, but I found what I was looking for and really enjoyed what I found. I think it was pretty relevant to the nugget I picked from the article.

4 thoughts on “Associative Trails

  1. Thanks for making me look up Nicholas Woodman, I can not believe he’s worth 2.3 billion. He is also known as the “mad billionaire”. Hopefully you got to witness some cool GoPro videos.

  2. GoPro’s are pretty new aren’t they? how much history could you find on it? BTW, that hurricane song is pretty chill, I’ve been looking for new songs lol thanks for the hit.

  3. I love looking up go pro videos. My favorites are the ones of under water animals like the dolphin one you posted. Ive watched one wear researchers kept a go pro on a sea turtle for some amount of time and it was just so cool to see from there point of view. These camera are defiantly a positive invention for scientist and researches. They get so much stuff on camera that you could never do 50 years ago. There water proof, light and tiny, almost un breakable from my knowledge, and basically hands free.

  4. It is very interesting that you have tried to find the history of Go Pro. Also the video “Go Pro: Swimming with dolphins” is very entertaining. It is fascinating how I feel entertained by watching activities like that without actually being there.

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