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“Celebrities in the 21st century have great power to communicate and disseminate such mundane events, such as how an entertainer is spending his or her weekend, where he or she is dining and what he or she is drinking. This type of traditional ‘‘whispering’’ about the lives of celebrities, in turn is done continuously and globally in the 21st century, through the global internet. One of the first television programmes that depicted the value and advantages of being famous, was the television show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

This article, “Ethics of Celebrities and Their Increasing Influence in 21st Century Society”, correlates a lot more with my actual topic. This nugget was something that particularly caught my eye. Basically, Hannah Hart is famous for being famous. She can do these simple, mundane things, and have such a large audience. It also goes a little bit with the article I used in my last post. She’s pretty, she’s funny, and she’s famous. That’s why she has a job and has thousands of people watching her do this simple thing: cooking and drinking.


3 thoughts on “Nuggeting More Sources

  1. I am one of the few people who believe such attention to celebrities is ridiculous. It is the reason why there is crazy high standard for how we should look. Now there are normal celebrities who are just special people but when we talk about these socialites it is just people trying to keep up a certain image.

  2. I think that it’s ridiculous how much attention some celebrities get and how they got famous along with that. I think appearance also has to do a lot with these people getting famous. I think this also connect with these people who have become famous from Vine, a thirty second video. I think some people with musical talent do deserve to get this fame, but then others like Nash Grier is ridiculous.

  3. Reading tho and the comments jus make me think of how kylie jener is perceived. She hated because for some reason she’s a huge icon but she does basically nothing for society but post videos and pics of selfies and vacations.

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