Investigators Assemble

Part 1: The Gathering

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Part 2: The Planning

It was pretty hard to find good sources on a topic so recent. Youtube stars have been such a new concept. So, instead of sources being almost like an argument, I’ve been able to just widen my topic into YouTube stars period, so my sources are hitting many different points. That’s entertainment now. Why do these videos get so many views, and why have they become the new big thing. People who get paid to put up videos. Many things have changed in entertainment. Now, instead of movies, or TV shows, these people get paid to put up bits and do silly things.

This article was very interesting, because it is something that relates to what my topic originally was. Basically what it is saying is there are a lot of videos on YouTube with Alcohol. A lot. Hannah Hart, a YouTube star and employee, puts up these videos of her drinking and cooking. She gets millions of views and now she get’s paid to do it! People love that.

This article helps me delve a little bit more into what I’m saying. It talks about Internet and what it has become. It specifically has a part about fame on the internet. Explaining how entertainment has changed a lot in the past few decades. Internet fame is such a new thing and it’s blowing up. That is how we found so many celebrities now a days.

Part 3: The Advising

I’m finding it really difficult to use the required dreamers. They make similar points to my topic, but now I have to plug them in to my actual project and figure out what exactly they relate to. Licklider can really help me talk about how some of these videos do such easy mundane things, and actually get a laugh out of it and get paid to make these videos. Englebart could be able to help me with I guess seeing how entertainment has developed. He talks about how technology develops and that could help me. I really just want to relate to Kay and Goldberg’s writing.

Part 4: The Missioning

These sources are helping me widen my topic on YouTube stars. What makes them so popular that they get paid to make videos by YouTube? Has this changed the way entertainment and journalism has been? I have started writing about YouTube and delved into the difference it has made in entertainment and journalism.

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