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I have attached two different videos from Hannah Hart’s YouTube channel, “My Drunk Kitchen”. She is the main focus of my general topic for my final project. I attached a video from very early on in her YouTube days! This was before she got hired by YouTube to make these videos for money. You can see the camera quality is not as good and she is shooting in her own kitchen. The second video I attached is Hannah Hart after she got hired by YouTube. She has a “set” kitchen and lighting instruments and a crew. This was after she was hired by YouTube. Now, she has famous guest stars and plenty of expensive things as she makes all of this money from YouTube.



This blogger has a very interesting topic. I like how they found interesting and relatable pieces of media that everyone can connect to.  I did not like the style in which they were listed in.

This blogger had an interesting video and connected to the same video with another picture.


I still have no idea what “webby things” mean.


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