Final Project



Making Activity (Week 15)

This is the model we made for our making activity.  There is a platform that stands her up and we made an outfit for summer, spring, winter, and fall.  She also has a pair of sandals.


Daily Art 2 (Week 14)

Drawing I made for my pen pal for my Children’s Literature class.


Daily Art 1 (Week 14)

Mural on Lombardy St.


Daily Art 6 (Week 13)

Mural.  I can’t remember where exactly where I found this one; I think it’s near Park Ave. and Franklin St.


Daily Art 5 (Week 13)

Mural on Lombary St.


Daily Art 4 (Week 13)

Door decorations I made for my practicum class.  I really played myself because those flowers took so long to cut out.  This was a several week long process.  Plus, we laminated them, so I had to cut them out again lol. “More petals!  More leaves!” If I knew then what I know now.


Daily Art 3 (Week 13)

Mural near the intersection of Main St. and Plum St. that has me feeling conflicted.  So many questions.


Daily Art 2 (Week 13)

Mural on the intersection of W Main St. and N Lombardy St.


Daily Art 1 (Week 13)

Odd, lowkey graphic mural on Main St. near the Richmond Public Library

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