Final Project

For my final project, I started a book that answers common questions or misconceptions that students may have.  I’d like to use this book as a teaching tool in my classroom.  When kids have a question that I can’t answer off the top of my head, they can refer to the book to find it.  If it hasn’t been added to the book, then I can help the student research the topic and find the answer.  Then the student can add their own entry to the book.

I want the book to be a living thing that grows each year as students as their own entries and additions.

The aspect of this project that was most time consuming beyond gathering information for resources was trying to get the look I wanted for the book.  I wanted to go for an old book kind of feel- as if it’s an artifact or relic.  For something that is meant to be continually added to and altered, it made more sense to use a binder instead of trying to bind a book.

A friend of mine gifted me the binder I had found online that was similar to what I was envisioning.

How the pages looked also provided some difficulty.  I initially wanted the pages to have an older weathered look.  However, most of the methods I found online would have damaged the paper too much to be used in a printer.  Or I would have to have the pages premade and then weather them after the fact.  There’s no guarantee the pages would have been readable after that.

I decided it was better for the book to be readable than to fit my exact aesthetic.  I found some nice card stock paper that didn’t look as sterile as printer paper and used that instead.

Because of the nature of this project, I still consider it a work in progress because the point of the book is it to grow and changed and be corrected, updated, and altered when need be.

I hope it helps foster and love of learning and taking initiative to research independently in my students.





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