TPACK Puritan Style… (Brent Fleisher)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record and repeating everyone else… Not.  A.  Clue.  We are not required to do lesson plans and this TPACK format was never even heard of until this class.

Lesson Description:

This lesson is the first part of a module geared towards high school English students in grade 11 (American Literature) dealing with an introduction to The Crucible with a focus on Puritanism.  This lesson will rely on student prior knowledge of Puritanism from their history classes.  After discussing their prior knowledge (both in class and online), they will be given the opportunity to explore Puritanism further via online videos and articles with handouts and worksheets.  This is an introductory lesson to a broader module dealing with many aspects of Puritanism and The Crucible.  The foundation that this lesson will offer will help students be successful as they continue through the other lessons and activities.

  1. The main Content (C) of this lesson is to explore Puritanism and its connection to not only The Crucible, but to our lives today. Students will be exposed to the religious climate of the 1600s and compare that with the religious climate of today. Students will explore predestination and analyze this idea throughout The Crucible and our lives of today.  Students will look at the foundation of education as started by the Puritans and connect that with education of today.
  2. The main Pedagogy (P) of this lesson is for students to utilize their peers in group discussions (online and in class) as well as to utilize videos and articles to further their knowledge.
  3. The main Technology (T) of this lesson is the online tools found on Schoology. Students are expected to participate in group discussion boards as well as watch videos and read articles that have activities to go with them.  These activities will be completed and submitted via Schoology.  Students will need access to laptop computers and reliable Internet.  While access to Schoology and all it has to offer is accessible via a cell phone, a computer is recommended for ease of use.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)


Discussions will allow students to further their understanding of the topic as well as tap into each other for new ideas.  Offering discussions online will have the added benefit of students researching on their own in order to adequately contribute to discussions.  Through their discussions and pulling on prior knowledge, students will be able to further and strengthen their knowledge for future lessons and modules within The Crucible.  Starter questions for Puritanism will be offered as a springboard for students to begin their thinking / discussions; however, they are considered only starters… students will be expected to add to the discussion and develop questions and answers on their own.



Technological Content Knowledge (TCK):


Discussions and activities will take place with the use of Schoology – a tool that has been implemented in our school for the last two years.  Online discussions allow students more freedom and autonomy than a direct face-to-face learning environment.  Online discussions also allow for all students to participate and not get “lost or forgotten” in the sea of students in class.  Everyone has a voice and will participate… even the shy students who don’t like to raise their hands in class.  While students will be expected to post and comment by a certain date and time (for ease of flow and discussion) students may do this as they see fit.  Initial posts are due by midnight on Wednesdays while responses and thoughtful discussions are due by Saturday at midnight.   I offer a generalized topic / question and then students have the freedom to take that in any direction they see fit.  Since discussion are online, students are able to talk to each other and post without fear of being “put on the spot” in a face-to-face environment.  In an online discussion, students also have the capability of including pictures, videos, etc that they would not have readily available to them in a face-to-face environment.  Online videos appeal more to students than a simple lecture and offer a way to differentiate instruction for maximum student learning.



Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK)


Using online videos is engaging to students and offers a way to differentiate instruction for maximum learning.  Online discussion boards allow for freedom and autonomy from the comfort of their own home, and allows for the implementation of images and videos on their end into online discussions that are not so readily available in a traditional classroom.  The spill over from online discussions and activities into the actual classroom will allow us to maximize our learning and take our learning to the next level.



Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)


By using online discussion boards and online videos with activities, students will have a differentiated approach to learning content and a fun/safe environment.  Students will be able to share their prior knowledge on Puritanism while learning new information to implement into the bigger lesson / unit of The Crucible.




2 thoughts on “TPACK Puritan Style… (Brent Fleisher)”

  1. Regarding the support spots that were left blank, I left most of mine blank as well. I guess I’m supposed to say that we both need to do some more research in these areas to find evidence to support the technology methods that we chose; however, I know for me it’s not going to change what I’m doing with my module so that’s one of the reasons I left mine blank.
    I really like the online discussion board options as I am using that as well. The thing I think it’s lacking is the immediate back and forth discussion. With high school students (particularly the younger ones) it can be difficult to get the depth we are seeking in an online answer. They give us a one-liner and think that will suffice whereas in a face-to-face discussion I think it would be easier to encourage them to employ critical thinking skills.
    Will the students do their assessments online or during face-to-face class time?

  2. Great start, here are my thoughts:

    Content – very clear. puritanism
    pedagogy – very clear. group discussion, reading articles and watching videos
    technology – very clear. virtual discussion boards. digital video, digital text

    PCK – for this sub-domain, you want to explain why your pedagogy (group discussion, reading articles and watching videos) is a good fit for teaching your content (puritanism). How do group discussions specifically help students learn about puritanism? What is it about this content that you believe is addressed by these pedagogies. Think about common misconceptions students might have, and the nature of the content.

    TCK – In this sub-domina you want to explain how the technology chosen is a good fit for the content. In your post you do a good job explaining why the technology is a good fit for your pedagogy (TPK), but not for your content. Is there anything about the technology use that is a good fit for learning about puritanism?

    TPK – good job on this. you also answer this sub-domain in your TCK section.

    TPACK – Let me know if my comments make sense, and make edits. IF things are still not making sense let me know. This is difficult, i think especially for literature. But I also think it is worth it.

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