Roles (Brent Fleisher)

Finally posted….thanks internet issues.

For my Crucible (#WitchesBeWitches) module, I should play several roles.  Like some of my peers, these roles are easily applied to face-to-face instruction as well.

For the pedagogical role, I am the creator of the lesson and module and I will be the instructor and make sure that there are multiple experiences students may go through as well as a differentiated approach to instruction so that all students have an opportunity to succeed.

I feel like course designer is pretty self-explanatory since it is my course that I am creating…with the help of online resources.  While the concept is mine, I will be relying on activities, videos, and articles that others have created in order to differentiate my instruction so there are a variety of activities students may select from.

The same as above goes for feedback giver… throughout the lesson and module students will receive verbal feedback from me as well as written feedback.  A majority of feedback will come online through our online discussions.  Maintaining positive (and constant) communication will allow students to grow within the class as well as feel comfortable as we chart into new territories.

Since the module and lesson is geared towards a hybrid class, I believe the technical role must apply.  Students will use Schoology throughout their activities and I will need to be able to maintain the website as well as deal with any technical issues which may arise.  It will be my responsibility, as well, to update the online activities so students may access them.

As a media designer, I will have to upload visuals, articles, and videos into my Schoology module.  This will also be done in our face-to-face time.

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  1. Nice job Brent! A few roles mentioned are ones that we all will /should be playing to some degree (Creator, Course designer, Technical). My role of Feedback giver is different in that I’ll be in close proximity to my students, giving them verbal and physical feedback as they move through the lessons. The outcomes will hopefully be the same and be that students grow in confidence and knowledge.

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