SRL (Fleisher)


  • Do you feel it necessary to address SRL in your learning module? Why or why not?
  • If you do feel it necessary, how will you address it?
  • Put forth to the group any questions that you may have regarding SRL.

I am a big supporter of self-regulated learning… especially at the high school level.  Before I started reading, I thought to myself how nice it is (would be?) to have students being held accountable for their own learning and not having to constantly remind them of work due and expectations.  I am a big believer in that students only need to be told once or twice to do something… I don’t buy into this constant repetition of information and/or policy/expectations.  Students seem to not have a problem knowing what is expected of them at home/job/sports/club/etc… so, the classroom isn’t any different.

I don’t think I am going to come out and explicitly address SRL with my class within the module…but, I do think that SRL will be going on behind the scenes.  Students will have all of the guidelines/deadlines/expectations laid out in front of them.  Minus little checks here and there…they are pretty much on their own and left to their own devices (#IsThisPunDeadYet?).  I am leaning closer to a final “assessment” check where students will reflect on their own learning/participation in conjunction with offering feedback on the course/module.   From my activities blog last week, students will be SRL learners in keeping up with their discussion blogs, taking notes for their concept maps, as well as keeping up with the readings and activities.

Regarding SRL is if it has not been enacted by the time students are in high school… is it too late?  We always talk about making sure students are “college and career” ready; however, we do very little in holding them accountable.  Or, if teachers hold them accountable, I see more and more administrators taking over and causing more harm than good when it comes to this (read: teachers hold student accountable…but admin. will go over teachers to give kid multiple opportunities).

Also, what do you with students who are unmotivated?  With English, all students have to take the course… they don’t sign up for it…they aren’t taking it on their own free will because they “want” to.  No matter how I may spice up the lesson/activities or differentiate them… we will always have students who just don’t care and are simply going through the motions.


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