Final Plan (Fleisher)

By close of the semester I wish to have a more-than-working model of a module I can readily implement into the classroom.  I have the following topics in mind for an introduction to The Crucible: Puritans, McCarthyism, Red Scare, Salem Witch Trials, Blacklisting, and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).   With these topics, students will view videos as well as read some articles to further their knowledge.  Students will take a short online quiz/assessment within each topic before class and will use their readings to further in-class discussions.

I plan to use this module as an introduction to the Crucible.  Students will need this background information before we start reading the play.  While reading, students will be able to pull from their online course work to strengthen their meaning and understanding of the play in class discussions.  I still do not know of a time frame for how long this module should take, but, I am thinking it will take more than day/night.  Since we are not yet one-to-one with students having their own laptops, I am also still trying to figure out if students will complete this on their own at home or whether they will have class time to work on this independently.

It would be nice if classmates gave feedback on the activities and level of questions; however, we are getting ready for midterms next week and not sure how much time they have to devote to reading through mine and everyone else’s module.  If classmates are familiar with the Crucible specifically, it would be nice to hear suggestions on what else I could add (or take away) from the module.

The normal feedback we have been receiving from you has been good so far.  If you have time to look through the module, activities, and questions, and offer thoughts on them, that would be great.

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