My topic is an introductory unit to The Crucible.  Students will be looking at the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, Puritanism, and other elements to gain a strong background as they prepare for their reading.  The use of technology will allow students to work at their own pace while taking their learning in a variety of directions.  The use of videos and articles will allow students multiple avenues to gain information — essentially, they can pick and choose how they retrieve the information.

Students will access this module through Schoology; however, there are multiple avenues students may take if they wish to further their research.  I will provide students, through Schoology, with videos and links to articles, but there is nothing stopping students from moving on their own.

I see this as a Hybrid.  Students will do this module as an introductory course and we will read the play in class.  Through our reading together, and our class discussions, students will be expected to pull on their information from the module.

I don’t know…  really depends on how fast students work as well as their work ethic.   If they are working, I do not mind giving more time; however, if they are not, I usually speed up the deadlines to “force” work out of them.  I am also still debating if this should be done on their own at home, built into class, or a little of both.

This is geared towards high school students in English 11 (juniors).

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