MOOC (Fleisher)

I am still struggling with MOOCs or the idea of them.  This could be because I am still struggling to let go of the idea of a full-fledged face-to-face classroom and all of the benefits it brings which out weighs online learning.  Through the reading, it seems, MOOCs offer little interaction between teacher and student which seems to be the biggest hurdle for me to overcome.  I don’t like the idea of students and teacher not being able to see each other and create a relationship.  I do; however, like how MOOCs put more ownus and responsibility on the student.  Their motivation and work ethic will make them successful or not — which I think is extremely important.  Maybe this is why I am constantly leaning toward a hybrid classroom rather than a full on face-to-face or full on online.   If I were a true online teacher and had hundreds of students to manage, I can see how MOOCs would play a better part for my sake, but, still, the lack of relationship between student and teacher would get to me.  As teachers, we are constantly told to form relationships with students (etc, etc), yet, the idea of an online class sort of takes us in another direction.

My module allows students to be responsible for themselves and their own work ethic, while bringing their knowledge to the classroom.  Students will have opportunities to work at their own pace through online activities, but, I am looking forward to more the interaction and discussions we can have as an actual class, face-to-face, rather than just seeing what they complete online.  I also struggle with the idea of knowing if the student is actually doing the work online versus someone else…


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