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Almdudler is a tea flavored soda that comes from Austria. It has even been referred to as the national drink…

Musings #2

1A. My initial impression of the city was a little overwhelming. After I got off the plane and had my…


Käsekrainer is the famous and very Austrian cheese sausage. This seems to be the typical Austrian street food, which I…

die Gesundung

Die Gesundung which means recovery. There is no other word to describe today other than recovery. Last night was a…

die Feier

Die Feier meaning celebration. Celebration was picked because today is Friday which marks the end of our first school week….

Musing #1

1. I would say my biggest expectation coming into the study abroad was to greatly improve on my German skills….


Singen meaning to sing. I thought the reasoning for choosing this word was funny. In class yesterday we were going…


Chillen meaning to chill. I chose this word today because today was the first day that I felt like I…

der Anfang

Der Anfang meaning the beginning. I thought this word described today quite well, even though its one I already know….


Unerwartet meaning unexpected. Yet another new word for me, which perfectly explains how today went. When we arrived at the…

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