Farewell Food for Thought

As the semester comes to an end, I want to give Food For Thought a proper goodbye. I really enjoyed this class with Prof. Boaz and can honestly say that I have learned a lot. We had a variety of assignments both in class and out and that makes learning fun. Also, the topics we learned about were interesting as well which also made it easier to learn. I have learned stuff that I think I will truly take with me in life since food is everywhere and you can not avoid it. I am now skeptic about a lot of things I eat because of this class which can be either good or bad. I decided to drastically cut back on my meat consumption because of what we talked about in this class, so it is obviously something that will stick with me even now that the semester is over. I will not miss waking up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this class, however, and I am thankful that that part is over with. Overall, Food For Thought was a great elective for me to take and prof. Boaz was very passionate about the subject and a great professor. A piece of the class that could be eliminated is possibly the Vegetarian, although it was an interesting book, I do not think that I learned a whole lot from reading the book.

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