Week 5 Blog Post


The themes of many of my quotes relate to the idea that racism is something that is learned and not innately within us as humans. Throughout different spaces in society it can seem like certain beliefs we hold as individuals have always been within us. In reality, many of the negative behaviors we see on a daily basis are learned, and can therefore become unlearned with some effort and reflection. Many black and brown people are demonized and hyper-sexualized before they reach adult hood, and in order for a change to occur it begins with first acknowledging these ideas rather than holding them as concrete.

As someone who has been discriminated against I put a lot of effort towards being sure that I do not do the same to others who are different than me. Lots of times communities who are discriminated against by the out-group commit these same discriminatory practices within their in-group. For example colorism and classism are often done to minorities by minorities, and it is important to acknowledge and address this behavior as well as the types of racism that are the most visible in our society. Quotes help package some of these concepts in a form that is short and simple, which really allows us as members of society the opportunity to digest our reality further.