Culture’s Impact on Teen Pregnancy Rates

In the article, “ The States With the Highest Teenage Birth Rates Have One Thing in Common”, written by Matt Essert, states just that. He claims the abstinence-only education is that common thread for states with high rates of teen pregnancy. He demonstrates this point with several research sources and statistics to back up his claim. The teens who are only taught abstinence-only are not educated on contraception and therefore when they choose a non-abstinence path their ignorance makes them at a higher risk for pregnancy and/ or STDs. Taking this information and using it a sociological context with Weber’s theory, I think the statistics are spot on. It clearly shows Weber’s notion of “culture matters”. Take the states with high teen pregnancy rates, the culture of the adults is that teens need to be abstinent, yet the culture of the teens is that don’t want to take that path, therefore there is a disconnect and lack of communication and education which leads to ignorance and repercussions. Yet, on the other hand the states that teach contraception have a culture of communication between the adults and teens and therefore, have educated teens who are, “ 60% less likely to get pregnant than someone who received abstinence-only education.” The culture of the states is a clear indicator of teen pregnancy rates.

One thought on “Culture’s Impact on Teen Pregnancy Rates”

  1. Thinking about this topic, I am reminded that culture deserves much more credit than what is given. We underestimate the power of culture and its influence on the community. I definitely can understand why Weber would emphasize this factor. Overall, for today’s society, the communication and understanding of contraception and abstinence needs to be communicated. It is understandable that certain areas that lack education about contraception would have higher counts for teen pregnancies. In today’s society, teens want and need to know their options.

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