Sex Distinction

Charlotte Perkins Gilman stated in Women and Economics that, “We are more affected by our relation to each other than by our physical environment…The serious dangers and troubles of human life arise from difficulties of adjustment with our social environment.” Within this comes the theory of “sexuo-economic relations”. An example of this is when women have to depend on men in a patriarchy economy. The social environment for women then becomes them working to land a man that can provide for her and take care of her and her children, the women that perfect this “trade”, are better provided for. As a result we see the “morbid excess in sex distinction,” early on with particularly female children. Its like these girls are being trained to learn how to land the man that will provide for them. Ways in which we see this are, piercing a baby girls ears, or dressing her up with loads of make up fake teeth to have her strut in front of the judges in a beauty pageant. Then this behavior continues as women grow into things as drastic as getting cosmetic surgery to look a certain way, and for who? The men she want to provide for her of course! This intense sex distinction is a way of survival for these women when they do not have the option to be economically profitable of productive in other ways. Of course this does not mean that it is only prevalent for the women, sex distinction for men as the tough guy and emotionless beings are very much apart of society as well, and these sex distinctions between men and women only perpetuate each other.

One thought on “Sex Distinction”

  1. Child beauty pageants are an excellent example of the morbid excess in sex distinction. It is a shame that society cultivates young girls to become caricatures of its version of womanhood. What we are saying to these girls is that it is ok to be artificial in your appearances for the sake of judgment and approval of others. It is a sick tradition and I wish they would disappear. We should teach children regardless of gender the same.

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