Chaftez and Gender

Janet Chaftez theorized about gender and particularly about the Marxian feminist Theory. This is essentially when patriarchy and capitalism work together to keep the oppression of women, while protecting the privilege of men. Oppression is continued through the control of women’s labor, because once more women are contributing to the labor force, the weaker the oppression becomes. A prime example of controlling women’s labor is the outdated social stigma that women should not go outside of the house for work and that she should be a house wife who’s only purpose in life is to serve her husband, cook, clean and watch the kids. This social stigma does several things, like perpetuating the oppression of women under men, and helping men maintain their power and privilege by the women being dependent on them to survive. Yet, if women were not to follow this social stigma and go outside the house to work, like many have started doing over the past fifty years, then the oppression of women would have to go down because they are gaining economic capital and don’t have to rely on men anymore. This of course does not mean that men and women are equal in any regards to pay or power positions, or even in the misogynistic minds of socialized patriarchal men, but it is a step in the right direction. Over time, hopefully, women will begin to be seen, as equals to men and the labor market will be fully diverse with men and women in all positions with equivalent pay. At least one could dream!

3 thoughts on “Chaftez and Gender”

  1. Your blog post is so right and it annoys me that a lot of men STILL think that a woman’s “job” should be to cook, clean and watch over the kids and that be it. Women go to school, seek degrees and then are forced to make a decision to use it due to the fact of the “catch 22”. Of course a woman wants to make sure her husband and kid’s needs are fulfilled, but why can’t the man help her in the same way? Like you said, one can only dream!

  2. I see your point. I was thinking, however, that even though women push to gain equality, we then find something that we want that may conflict with that desire. For example, take women working in power positions. Now that there are women are doing that, there’s the fight between other women questioning who will raise the child––assuming she has a family. So, sometimes it seems like there’s a dilemma in differing desires.

  3. I think that many men still think it is a womans place to stay home and cook, clean and watch over the kids not because they want to oppress women, some do however, but I feel because it is a natural instinct for men to want to be the provider for their families. I feel that there is another side to this that a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Yes some men don’t like taking orders from women, but there are the other men who work so that their women don’t have to take orders from other men.

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