“How do you get People to Crave?”

Until reading article, I guess I never really knew how many details were actually taken into consideration when making a product. Companies are not only focusing on the product itself but how it is marked to the public as well. It is all about creating the right product for the consumers to keep coming back for more. Many companies have turned to Howard Moskowitz for help with creating products for their brands. Moskowitz, a well known “food industry legend,” knows how to group consumers into segments and target them with precision based on their needs. He uses a method called conjoint analysis in order to manipulate ingredients to establish the perfect combination. It is interesting to know that there is a reason for every single amount of an ingredient in a particular product. The amount of sugar or salt is set in place to get the consumer into coming back for more. The main objective behind all of this engineering is to get people to crave.


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