“Lunch Time is all Yours”

I was never one to like Lunchables as a young kid, I think I might of had only 2 as a child. Something about the meat and cheese freaked me out. However, other kids at school loved them and couldn’t wait until lunch time to dig in. After reading this article, I am glad I didn’t like them and I am thankful my parents never packed them in my lunch for school. The amount of disgusting ingredients in these little packs are atrocious. It’s unfortunate because little kids go crazy over these products! They think it is the coolest thing to be able to make their own pizza or to build a little tower with cheese, crackers, and meat. I think the overall idea of a Lunchable is great but what Oscar Meyer puts in them is gross. These products and ingredients lack all nutritional value and are not healthy options for growing children. The only positive about the product is that they do provide convenience for those busy parents that need something to pack in their child’s lunch. But even then, since they are so unhealthy, I think that overweights the convenience factor. I personally would much rather manage my time or make time in my schedule to pack lunch for my kid when I know that he or she would be eating something more healthy and nutritious.


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