Conference Call with Kimberly

Today in class, we had a conference call with Kimberly from ReEstablish Richmond. After the call, I am feeling a bit better about our whole situation. Besides helping with the food flash cards, we haven’t really done anything to support the organization…due to the fact that she hasn’t given us anything to assist with. We ┬ápresented the idea of doing a proceeds night at a local restaurant as well as creating other marketing materials. She informed us that on November 12th, ReEstablish Richmond will be having a proceeds night at Baker’s Crust in Carytown. In order to prepare, our group will be creating flyers and posting updates/reminders on social media platforms. We also will be creating an event page for us to share with our friends on Facebook. Another task she gave us is to create a montage of different photos Kimberly has collected to post on the organization’s website. Overall, I think it was a successful meeting and hopefully these tasks will keep us busy.


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