Make #7 – Advertisements

Social Media and Marketing Materials

Creating the advertisements for the fundraiser satisfied the requirements for Make#7. Leading up to the ReEstablish Richmond fundraiser at Bakers Crust, we worked to produce proper marketing materials to get the word out. As a group, we all worked together to create the materials. This was very important to do beforehand in order for the event to be successful. We created a Facebook page, handouts for each table, and flyers that we posted all around campus and Carytown. We chose to create a Facebook page for the event mainly because it is a very popular social media platform. We all invited our own families and friends to the event. I do think that making the advertisements and getting the word out, definitely helped the turnout at the event. It was a successful night and I hope our efforts helped the organization!

Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.32.02 PM

Facebook Cover Page


ReEstablish Richmond – Table Handouts


ReEstablish Richmond – Flyer


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