Make #11 – Food Untruths

Untruth #1 – Raw carrots are more nutritious than cooked carrots.

Cooking carrots increase the nutritional value of the vegetable. When cooking, the cellular walls that encase the betacarotene are broken down. The cell walls become less rigid and makes it easier to digest.

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Untruth #2 – Avoid eggs because of their cholesterol content.

Recent research has shown that eggs do not contribute to high cholesterol levels. Eggs are a source of many vitamins and nutrients.

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Untruth #3 – Drinking red wine protects your heart.

It is not the red wine that protects your heart, it is the alcohol in the red wine. Alcohol increases¬†cholesterol levels (the “good” cholesterol) and helps protect against artery damage. According to health officials, most say that one or two drinks per day won’t hurt and can be beneficial.

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Untruth #4 – Radiation in microwaves creates dangerous compounds in you food.

Cooking food in the microwave is no different in comparison to a different cooking method. Microwaves used to cook food are weak compared to other forms of radiation. However, depending on the container the food is being heated in, chemicals from the container may seep into the food. The microwave itself will not create dangerous compounds.

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Untruth #5 –¬†If the label says “natural,” it is better for you.

Just because a label says “natural,” it does not mean that is better for you. Products labeled with those terms can be just as unhealthy and processed compared to those that are not labeled. Be cautious of what you choose at the market and do not get sucked into those sneaky terms that manufacturers use.

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