Assignment 1: Find a Thinker

Wow! I was very overwhelmed and honestly a little confused when I first started reading about this course! This is my first online course at VCU so this is so new to me. I have never used rampages either so that is also new to me. After lots of reading and time spent, I am feeling much better and I am beyond exciting for this course!

While reading different students’ blogs, I came across someone who was focusing on Facebook and how it connects people. I am a huge fan of social media so┬áCabouniv200’s┬átopic on Facebook was of huge interest to me. The way that social media has taken over people’s lives (including myself) is really intriguing to me. She made a good point when she said that a lot of people find Facebook “lame,” but they still continue to check the app multiple times everyday. I can definitely relate to this. Like the writer says, Facebook is so engrained in your everyday life. How did Facebook become so engrained in everyday life? How did Facebook basically kill Myspace? How has technology changed relationships? These are all questions that really get you thinking and are relatable to most people today.

One thought on “Assignment 1: Find a Thinker

  1. I’m glad that reading on the site gave you a better sense about the course. I’m also happy to see that you have your Rampages blog up and running! There is much research on social media . Facebook has been around a long time — so plenty of time for scholarship related to its uses. Stay open to lots of ideas for topics and questioning. Hopefully some of the readings and writing assignments will give you the opportunity to explore a range of your interests before you settle on an Inquiry project topic! Welcome!

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