Project Prospectus

I have not had an opportunity to fully dive into research for this project.  Of the few articles I have read about Facebook and the connections it allows people to make, I have found that the older generation likes to use Facebook to keep in touch with their children and grandchildren.  I have also found that the younger generation likes using it as a main form of communication.  I find this interesting because I wonder when it was that telephone calls and writing letters and emails became too time consuming, or why are they are not as popular, OR if they only seem less popular because I am a part of the younger generation.  I would like to look into why the younger generation prefers to communicate in text opposed to verbal communication.   Do people enjoy having others read their conversations?  Is Facebook and texting more popular because it allows you to communicate in situations that would be rude or inappropriate to communicate with others during?  I would like to research the intended uses of Facebook and compare that with how people are really using it.  I would also like to discover if Facebook is keeping people closer or if it is only allowing more shallow relationships verse fewer deeper ones.

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