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Facebook turned ten years old this year.  It has been through many changes and breakthroughs for social media and keeping people connected or reconnected for a decade, however, it seems as though the site has not changed much in recent years.  Has Facebook already reached its prime or is there more to come?  Studies have shown that teenage users are on the decline while others expect those users to return to the site when they are older. I believe for Facebook’s future success the site will have to change to cater toward a new generation, especially one that is always up to date with ever growing technology.    Privacy issues have turned off many users as well, and for any ideas I have of where Facebook may lead us in the years to come, privacy would be nonexistent.  Forbes writer, Mikolaj Piskorski, predicts Facebook encouraging users to get together in person by informing its users of what friends are near by based on their location then offering restaurant/outing suggestions. With parents on their notebook computers and cell phones all of the time, will the younger generation crave love and real affection to make up for something missed for years?  If so, how will that affect Facebook to give a new meaning to relationships of the future.  Maybe the lack of privacy will be a trade off for users to connect face to face. With technology constantly developing, I can’t even imagine where Facebook will be in ten years.  It is already accessible in our palms, but I would not be surprised if Zuckerberg found a way to make it closer.



For my inquiry project, I’d like to focus on how Facebook keeps people connected and to what level they are connected.  I’m still on the fence about whether wide and shallow connections are better than short and deep connections.  I’m also trying to keep my feelings toward Facebook out of it so I can be opened minded while writing.

While working on yesterdays assignment, I began thinking about relationships and whether they have changed due to technology.  The article I linked discussed how Facebook might bring people together in person.  It made me wonder if they predicted people needing more out of relationships.  If this is the case, I may try to include it in my inquiry paper.  I would really like to keep the focus of the final paper on how Facebook keeps people connected, the pros and cons of these connections, and then come to my conclusion.


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