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Facebook is known for being a leading social networking site.  Some may love it and others may hate it.  Facebook is mainly know as an alternative way to stay connected to family and friends or promote a business.  Facebook is a little more complex than just statuses and pictures.  It allows users to blog, internally email, instant message, create events and groups and many other tools that can be beneficially when trying to stay connected in a busy world.

While researching I found it interesting how quickly Facebook rose to fame and went from a dorm room to a multi-billion dollar company in a few short years.  Facebook was not the first social media site and while researching I kept wondering how Myspace disappeared when it seemed to offer more as well as be the first.  Now there is Twitter and Instagram competing with Facebook and I’m curious how Facebook has managed to stay on top.

I find that people don’t like talking about Facebook because they think it is “lame” (my friends, 2014), YET they check their Facebook apps several times a day and are always connected.  I hope that my topic does not deter readers before even reading because I have gained a whole new perspective on the internet phenomenon.  I find it absolutely fascinating how this website is so engrained in the lives of so many.  If people are not fond of Facebook or have qualms about the privacy settings, why hasn’t there been a major drop in the daily users?

I think people should embrace the social tool of Facebook.  Everything about Facebook is customizable. Users get what they give out of Facebook.  If you want to be more involved, communicate with more family and friends.  If you don’t like that everything is on the screen, use Facebook as a tool to set up an in person event for your friends.

I’d like to use my inquiry project to answer why Facebook is the most popular form of social media and how it grew to be the powerhouse it is today.


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