Blog #3

As I reflect on the influence of the course lectures, I find it imperative to acknowledge how interwoven the teachings have been throughout semester. Ultimately, I was able to summarize the most impactful lessons for myself as equilibrium of the body and mind during the week 12 exercise. The consciousness is connected to your physical inhabitance. Similar to symbiotic relationships, if you disregard your body, you cause hindrance to the mind. If you nourish the physical aspect of your being, you are being attentive to your mind. This concept was later unraveled through weekly exercises and lectures, specifically sleep, nutrition, and exercise.  I’ve learned that sleep is important and not fulfilling the recommended requirement results in the mind not running at optimal performance. Sacrificing your scheduled sleep time for a little more cramming is never conducive for students. Nutrition is another important component to mind and body connection. Our energy is composed from what we choose to consume, if we fuel our bodies with dense and wasteful calories, we will not have the vitality to perform our tasks efficiently cause a lag in how our bodies may feel throughout the day. However, if we are able to be intuitive and smart about choices, we can generate long-lasting fuel that can sustain our bodies and mental performance. Lastly, I want to mention the benefits of exercise towards academic performance. My mindfulness increased and I felt more alertness just through spending a few minutes of the day being active.

These three components prompted me to becoming more resilient in working smarter, not harder. I enjoyed the benefits of sleeping and taking the time to exercise, but that also made me aware of time efficiency. I’ve incorporated the disconnection exercise during my study time so I can dedicate myself to focused work, putting my phone away and having my full attention on what I am doing in the moment has enhanced the feeling of ‘flow’. The satisfying feeling of achievement after completing tasks without the distraction of my phone and social media platforms has opened up the opportunity of enriching myself with more meaningful relationships with those around me. These are just a few changes I have attempted to make during the course and hope to continue the balance of body and mind through out my college career. I recently got a comment from a peer at a support group I attend and was told something along the lines “I want to be like you when I grow up, you seem like you have your life figured out.” Which left me dumbfounded at first, considering I am only 20 and often don’t know what I want a majority of the time. Simultaneously I thought of this course when the remark was made. I thought about the times where I felt pressure and frustration on how to successfully navigate the class structure. I came to the realization, for me personally, that the course has been about developing my own techniques towards positive experience and thought processes without sacrificing mental or physical health. I plan to share what I’ve learned inside the classroom with friends and family members and hopefully influence a life change. I’ve gathered so many to tools and resources to help me navigate future endeavors and I’m looking forward to sharing and continuing mindfulness with myself and others.

I picked this image because it candidly expresses the chaotic balance of life. Its easy to become over-stimulated in the world around us, but there is beauty and harmony in the ability to create equilibrium.




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  1. This is really well written, and I love the picture and why you picked it. It is perfect! I also felt as if eat, move, sleep was a very important and useful lesson to have learned. It really made me start to think about myself and my well-being.

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