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At the beginning of the semester, I was set on studying abroad in Malta and pursuing environmental science. Now, I’ve switched my major to history and switched my ideal location to go aboard. I want to go to Ireland. Cork and Dublin are two cities I would like to explore there. I also have fallen in love with the scenery that comes along with Ireland. I think going abroad during my Junior year at VCU would be most ideal. Obviously most of the classes I would be related to history. I’m currently reading a book about the war between the British and the Irish, leading to the formation of the Irish Republican Army. Being able to go where an event took place would really enhance my perspective and knowledge. My plan on incorporating going abroad with my degree plan would be easy: take and pass classes. I would be taking classes that will fulfil my major requirements therefore keeping me on track. I will most likely be using ISEP to go abroad. I like how it’s organized and it seems pretty easy navigate. Currently ISEP has four universities in Ireland that are connected with the program. Although when I add the “history (European history)” as my field of history, no results come up. That doesn’t bother me though, I’m sure that those 4 colleges have classes on history. For funding, I hope that my financial aid would cover a good portion of it, while scholarships would fulfill the remaining amount. Our last class was very helpful. I know I will definitely be taking advantage of the office and their resources. I know this is probably an absurd and short-lived goal but I can imagine myself moving to Ireland (probably in the south) and working as a curator in some museum. My favorite class was when we had the 3 foreign exchange students come in and talk about their life at VCU. It was really interesting to hear, from their point of view, what America, and more specifically VCU, was like. This course has prepared me enough that I now feel confident enough to begin the process of going abroad. Thanks to this class, I don’t feel overwhelmed when thinking about going abroad. I have a checklist of things I need to do in order to reach the goal. The knowledge I learned will never be forgotten and will (hopefully) always be remembered.




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