I am studying the effects of social media on its users.

because I want to find out why people are so fascinated with it, what problems does it cause, overall is it good or bad for the population, what if any mental health problems it causes. I also want to explore the tracking methods social media sites use to make many by selling personalized ads onto the screens of their users.

in order to help my readers question the motives behind social media sites, what they do with users personal information, how safe these sites are to use and just how private are “private” accounts.



This post from the NY Times may be my most important source. A “instagram famous” girl realized there was more to life than posting photos, fake looking happy and more. She deleted over 2000 of her photos and recaptioned the ones she kept and told the truth about each one.

This post from Elite Daily is incredibly ironic and disturbing at the same time. Elite Daily is a site whose targeted demographic is teenaged/college girls. This post is telling people that they should not make their social media profiles private. Which is disturbing but the ironic part is they posted a similar article about Essena O’Neil the girl from my first link.

This post/video from Huffington Post goes into disturbing details about what one agrees to when you accept the terms and conditions (which you must accept in order to use the site) “In your defense, Carnegie Mellon researchers determined that it would take the average American 76 work days to read all the privacy policies they agreed to each year. So you’re not avoiding the reading out of laziness; it’s literally an act of job preservation.”

*Not a source but I use an Ad blocker, I couldn’t get on facebook without turning the ad blocker off.

Not a great written article from CNN but it is about how parents can buy software to spy on what their children are sending via snapchat and watch their skype conversations. However, it said that only 1/3rd of people using these spying softwares are parents so whose the other 2/3rds??

**the article also said snapchat doesn’t make money because they don’t use ads, but that isn’t the case anymore.*** will find more recent snapchat article

*Personal Experience: I rarely use facebook anymore haven’t used it much since graduating high school in 2011. More to the point, I am a huge Steelers fan and a Miami Hurricanes fan, last time I got on Facebook I saw a personalized ad for a black t shirt that was The steelers logo and the Miami Hurricanes Logo was blended into it. At first I thought it was awesome and went to click on it, the site that was “selling” the shirts didn’t seem like a legit site at all and then I thought about it to myself….. “I don’t even use this site often… how do they know that is something I’d like and why do they know it”

This local news story is talking about the facebook messenger app. This app is required in order send messages via facebook on your mobile device. The app requires you to give them permission that allows them (if they want to?) to read, receive, edit and send text messages. Track your location at all times, read the contents and view the photos in your phone. Take photos and record audio. Furthermore, at the bottom the app says that it may update automatically adding additional capabilities.

This CIO post is telling people about new features that you “should” be using the facebook messenger app. One of the features is you can send money through the app.. and the rest of the features are things any smart phone is capable of doing.

Business Insider article detailing the maze one must go through in order to stop being tracked by facebook and other companies.


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