Concept Experience Activity: Using our Primary Nugget

An example of what our interconnected web of thoughts may look like.

When beginning this concept experience activity, I did just as the assignment described to do. I placed “Analyzing the Obvious” at the top of my page, and the most obvious thought that came from my Primary Nugget was that Humans think holistically.

Honestly, trying to figure out captivating research questions becomes a struggle for me. Often I question if there are enough questions for my one research topic can answer and possibly talk about. Instead of first thinking about an initial research question and using the web, I decided to just begin thinking about my statement and seeing what new ideas I can apply to it holistically on my own. With each new question that triggered in my mind concerning my topic,  I would write it down. Once I could not think of anymore questions on my own, I went back to the top of the list and start gathering ideas of that question on the web and do so forth going down the page.  However with all this newly gathered information, I am still having trouble in determining a specific research question.

Nevertheless, I find it interesting that the way I connected and continually asked myself questions pretty much in the same way of how I wanted to make the point in my statement that humans think holistically. I further learned that holistic thinking involves making connections between ideas and taking it to the next level by creatively and intuitively figuring out ways to ask yourself more questions. Holistic thinking is also not about forcing connections, but it’s about searching for those connections. By finding topics that cause a spark within us, we tend to create an overflow of connections without even trying. Furthermore, by engaging ourselves in thought and focus, the more it allows us to exhibit a deeper, fuller understand of what we’re thinking of. Finally it creates a positive cycle of interconnected holistic thoughts as further engagement helps strengthen the web of thoughts.

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